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Can I get a debit card and what are the charges?

Account holders in good standing can be approved for a debit card. The first card is free of charge.

Can I select my own Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the debit card?

Yes, you can select a new PIN after receiving the card. To change your pin, you will need to call the number on the back of your card.

How do I find my account balance, find out if a certain check has cleared, or if I have received my direct deposit?

You may apply for online banking or you can contact your nearest Peoples State Bank office.

How do I report a lost or stolen debit card?

Contact the bank during regular business hours as soon as possible. After bank hours, call 1-866-546-8273.

How long does it take to get a debit card?

Once the card has been ordered, it takes 7-10 days for the new card to arrive. If it is a replacement card, the old card stops working as soon as the new card is ordered.

How much money will I have to come up with to buy a home?

There are a number of factors that come into play, including the cost of the house and the type of mortgage you get. In general, you need to come up with enough money to cover the following costs: earnest money, the down payment, and closing costs.

Closing costs (which you pay at settlement when you sign the final purchase paperwork) averages about 3-4% of the price of your home. These costs cover various fees and processing expenses. When you apply for your loan, you will be given an estimate of the closing costs and they will be explained to you, so you won't be caught by surprise.

I need to set up an automatic payment or direct deposit. What information do I need?

You will need to provide the routing number (091308805), your account number, and the type of account the payment/deposit is going into. (Money market accounts are savings accounts but are processed as checking accounts so make sure you let them know the transaction needs to post to/from a checking account).

If I am traveling and plan on using my debit card, should I notify the bank?

It is in your best interest to notify us if you are traveling, especially overseas. Abnormal account activity could restrict your debit card until authorization can be validated. By notifying us prior to your departure, you can be assured you will have access to your account while traveling. If you are going out of the country, we will need to know prior to your departure so your card can be set up to allow transactions in the countries in which you will be traveling.

What do I need to open an account?

You will need a valid photo ID and social security number. If your photo ID does not have a local physical address or your address has changed, you will need to provide documentation to prove your address. A minimum deposit is required and this amount varies depending on the type of account you wish to open.

What if I forgot my Internet User ID and/or password or I am having problems logging into my account?

Please contact you nearest Peoples State Bank of Velva office and we will be happy to help you get back online.

What is the daily limit for my debit card?

Card limits can vary. Please contact the nearest Peoples State Bank of Velva office for assistance.

When using the Bill Payment option how is the transaction completed?

Electronic payments will be made Within 2-3 business days of posting to your account. If a payee is not set up to accept electronic payments, the system will issue a paper check and payment will be made via mail. It is recommended that you allow 5-8 business days from the date of posting for delivery. When you set up a payee using the bill pay system, the bill payer screen will tell you whether or not it is equipped to receive electronic payments.

How can I order/reorder checks?

Order your checks online from Harland Clarke, our preferred provider.

Secure, Fast Ordering - Ordering checks online from Harland Clarke is as safe and secure as ordering them in person or over the phone. The site is Verisign secure and TruSecure certified. so your transactions and account information are safe and completely confidential.

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